Advanced Social Psychology

Book Review: Advanced Social Psychology

As someone who is passionate about social psychology, I was ecstatic to delve into the world of Advanced Social Psychology by Roy F. Baumeister and Eli J. Finkel. This hefty tome of 832 pages may seem daunting at first, but it is well worth the read for anyone interested in the subject matter.

The authors provide a comprehensive overview of social psychology, covering topics such as motivation, emotion, persuasion, and social cognition. They explore these themes in depth, providing thought-provoking insights that will challenge readers to question their beliefs about human behavior.

One aspect that really resonated with me was how the authors presented their research findings in a way that was both informative and accessible. Despite being a highly academic book, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by jargon or complex theories. The writing was clear and concise, making it easy to follow along with even for those new to the subject.

While there were some sections where I felt the authors could have delved deeper into certain topics, overall Advanced Social Psychology offers an excellent overview of social psychology that should satisfy both students and scholars alike.

Overall Score: 7/10

Publisher’s Information:

Oxford University Press has hit it out of the park with this highly informative book on Advanced Social Psychology. From cover to cover you’ll be captivated by Roy F. Baumeister and Eli J. Finkel’s compelling exploration of human behavior.
ISBN: 9780199701001
Publication Date: June 28th 2010
Pages: 832

Advanced Social Psychology

Advanced Social Psychology

publishedDate : 2010-06-28

authors : Roy F. Baumeister, Eli J. Finkel

publishers : Oxford University Press

pageCount : 832

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