Annual Review of Psychology

Annual Review of Psychology

Book Review: Annual Review of Psychology

As a book critic, I had the opportunity to dive into the Annual Review of Psychology by Calvin Perry Stone. At first glance, this book may seem daunting with its whopping 610 pages, but rest assured that every page is worth your time and attention.

As expected from any annual review publication, the content is meticulously researched and well-written. Stone leaves no stone unturned as he delves deep into the world of psychology and provides a comprehensive overview of the year’s research developments. The wealth of knowledge contained within these pages is invaluable for those studying or working within the field.

The author has done an exceptional job in covering a vast range of topics in psychology, such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and more. This aspect makes it an impressive resource for students and professionals alike.

The Annual Review of Psychology serves as an essential guide for anyone interested in understanding human behavior and mental processes. The book is well-structured and well-organized, making it easy to navigate and read. I particularly appreciated how each chapter was filled with numerous citations that reinforced the author’s arguments.

That being said, there were times when I felt like the author could have provided more critical analysis on some topics instead of just summarizing studies. Moreover, some chapters were more engaging than others; this subjective quality might impact one’s overall experience while reading.

Overall though, Annual Review of Psychology was a worthwhile read that left me feeling inspired by all that remains to be discovered about human nature! Whether you’re a student or professional in psychology or simply someone who wants to understand people better – this book will prove invaluable.

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Annual Review of Psychology

publishedDate : 1991

authors : Calvin Perry Stone

publishers : Annual Reviews.

pageCount : 610

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The Annual Review of Psychology , in publication since 1950, covers the significant developments in the field of psychology , including: biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, cognitive processes, animal learning and behavior, human development, psychopathology, clinical and counseling psychology , social psychology , personality, environmental psychology , community psychology …

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The Annual Review of Psychology is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes review articles about psychology . First published in 1950, its longest-serving editors have been Mark Rosenzweig (1969-1994) and Susan Fiske (2000-present).

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