Basic Psychology for Nursing in India

Basic Psychology for Nursing in India

Book Review: Basic Psychology for Nursing in India

Basic Psychology for Nursing in India by Ann J Zwemer is a great book that every nursing student and practitioner should read. The author has done a fantastic job in presenting complex psychological concepts and theories in an easy to understand language.

The book is divided into well-organized chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of psychology. From understanding basic human behavior to applying psychological principles in nursing practice, the book covers everything that a nurse would require to provide comprehensive care to their patients.

One of the most impressive aspects of this book is the author’s approach to explaining difficult concepts. She does not rely on technical jargon, but instead, presents real-life examples that help readers relate better to the subject matter. For instance, the chapter on personality discusses different types of personalities and how they affect behavior by using relatable situations and characters.

In my opinion, what stands out most in Basic Psychology for Nursing in India is its emphasis on cultural sensitivity. The author acknowledges the vast cultural diversity in India and how it impacts patient care. This approach helps readers appreciate how culture shapes our beliefs and values while giving us an insight into diverse cultures.

However, there are some areas where the book could be improved. Some chapters tend to be too theoretical and may lose readers who are not familiar with psychology. Additionally, some of the topics could benefit from more practical examples or case studies to aid readers’ comprehension.

Overall, Basic Psychology for Nursing in India is an essential resource for anyone pursuing a career in nursing or seeking to expand their knowledge about psychology as it relates to healthcare. I would recommend this book without hesitation as it provides valuable insights into caring for patients holistically while respecting their cultural backgrounds. I would rate this book 4/5 stars due to its relevance and practicality while acknowledging room for improvement regarding theoretical concepts delivery.

Basic Psychology for Nursing in India

publishedDate : 2005

authors : Ann J Zwemer

publishers : BI Publications Pvt Ltd

pageCount : 272

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