Handbook of Health Psychology

Book Review: Handbook of Health Psychology

As I delved into the Handbook of Health Psychology, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth of knowledge that the authors, Andrew Baum, Tracey A. Revenson, and Jerome E. Singer, were able to provide on a complex and constantly evolving topic.

The book itself is massive – at 882 pages it can seem quite intimidating at first glance. However, as I began to read, I found myself drawn into the fascinating world of health psychology. The authors do an excellent job of introducing basic concepts before diving into more complex theories and research, making this book accessible to both new students in the field as well as seasoned scholars.

One aspect that really resonated with me was how the authors were able to seamlessly integrate multiple perspectives throughout the book. They incorporate insights from biology, sociology, medicine and more to create a holistic view of health psychology. Additionally, they do not shy away from criticism of outdated or limited models of thinking about health psychology – instead they challenge readers to consider alternative methods for better understanding this incredibly important field.

As a critic though, while I enjoyed reading Handbook of Health Psychology immensely there are some aspects that could be improved upon. The text can become quite dense at times which may make it difficult for some readers without an extensive background in psychology or related fields. Additionally, some chapters are much stronger than others – though this is somewhat expected given how much ground is covered in such a comprehensive text.

Overall though the Handbook of Health Psychology is an excellent resource for anyone interested in better understanding why we make decisions regarding our health and wellbeing- from physical exercise routines to coping mechanisms when facing illness or stress. This book has helped me appreciate not only the importance of psychological processes in maintaining good health but also how much work still needs to be done to fully understand these processes.

Score: 8/10

Handbook of Health Psychology

Handbook of Health Psychology

publishedDate : 2012

authors : Andrew Baum, Tracey A. Revenson, Jerome E. Singer

publishers : Psychology Press

pageCount : 882

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Handbook of Health Psychology

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Handbook of Health Psychology – Routledge Handbooks

The Handbook serves as a text in graduate or upper level undergraduate courses in health psychology taught in psychology , public health , medical sociology, medicine, nursing, and other social and allied health sciences. Its cutting edge, comprehensive coverage also appeals to researchers and practitioners in these fields.

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