Paradox of Voting Under an Urn Model

Book Review: Paradox of Voting Under an Urn Model

As I delved into the pages of Sven Berg’s “Paradox of Voting Under an Urn Model,” I found myself captivated by the intricate details of the mathematical model and its application to voting systems. Despite its relatively short page count, this book packs a punch in terms of depth and complexity.

Berg presents a unique perspective on voting theory, introducing the concept of an urn model to help explain the mysterious discrepancies that can occur in election results. His thorough analysis and careful consideration of various

Paradox of Voting Under an Urn Model

publishedDate : 1982

authors : Sven Berg

publishers :

pageCount : 30

Paradox of Voting under an Urn Model: The Effect of Homogeneity – JSTOR

Paradox of voting under an urn model : The effect of homogeneity* SVEN BERG Department of Statistics, University of Lund, Box 7008, S-220 07 Lund, Sweden Abstract We propose a simple P61ya-variety urn model for calculating paradox-of-voting probabilities. The model contains a homogeneity parameter, and for specific values of this parameter the …

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