Psychological Evaluations for the Courts

Psychological Evaluations for the Courts

Book Review: Psychological Evaluations for the Courts

Psychological Evaluations for the Courts is a comprehensive and valuable resource for anyone involved in forensic psychology. Written by Gary B. Melton, an experienced forensic psychologist, this book is published by Guilford Publications and has a total of 930 pages.

The book is divided into four parts – Foundations of Forensic Psychological Evaluations, Child Custody Evaluations, Criminal Forensic Evaluations, and Civil Forensic Evaluations. Each part covers different topics related to forensic psychology in-depth and provides practical guidance on how to conduct psychological evaluations for the courts.

Melton’s writing style is easy to read and understand. He uses clear language that helps the reader follow along with the complex concepts presented in the book. The author also provides many examples throughout the text that help illustrate his points. These examples make it easier for readers to understand how forensic evaluations work in practice.

One of the most notable aspects of this book is its focus on ethics. Melton emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations when conducting evaluations for court cases. He stresses that psychologists must always prioritize their duty to the court over any other loyalty they may have (such as loyalty to their clients).

Overall, Psychological Evaluations for the Courts provides a wealth of information on forensic psychology that will be useful for both novice and experienced practitioners alike. While some readers may find some sections overly technical or dense, I found it to be an engaging read overall.

If you are interested in learning about forensic psychology or are currently working in this field, I highly recommend checking out Psychological Evaluations for the Courts by Gary B. Melton!

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Psychological Evaluations for the Courts

publishedDate : 2007-09-18

authors : Gary B. Melton

publishers : Guilford Publications

pageCount : 930

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