Psychological Foundation of Education

Book Review: Psychological Foundation of Education

Psychological Foundation of Education

Psychological Foundation of Education

publishedDate : 2006

authors : S. Bhattacharya

publishers : Atlantic Publishers & Dist

pageCount : 154

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Psychological Foundations of Education – 1st Edition – Elsevier

Description. Psychological Foundations of Education presents some of the principles of psychology that are relevant to learning and teaching. It presents an alternative answer to the problem of the bifurcation of general and educational psychology in the curriculum of teacher preparation. While the solution is provisional and has obvious …

What Is Educational Psychology? – Verywell Mind

Educational psychology is the study of how people learn, including teaching methods, instructional processes, and individual differences in learning. It explores the cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and social influences on the learning process. Educational psychologists use this understanding of how people learn to develop instructional …

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