Psychology of Love 101

Book Review: Psychology of Love 101

Psychology of Love 101

Psychology of Love 101

publishedDate : 2014

authors : Karin Sternberg

publishers : Springer Publishing Company

pageCount : 205

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The Psychology of Love: Theories and Facts | Psych Central

What is love ? Love is an emotion of strong affection, tenderness, or devotion toward a subject or object. When you love a person you experience pleasurable sensations in their presence and are …

Psychology of Love 101 – Springer Publishing

6.4 Reciprocity – Liking the ones who like us back. 6.5 Personality – Liking them for who they are. 6.6 Physical appearance – Liking someone’s looks. 7 Stages of Relationships: How Relationships are Formed, Maintained, and Ended. 7.1 Different kinds of love and their development.

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