School Curriculum And Administration

School Curriculum And Administration

Book Review: School Curriculum And Administration

As a lover of educational resources, I had high hopes for M. Ediger’s School Curriculum And Administration. The book certainly delivers on its promise to offer insight into the intricacies of education management.

Spanning across 166 pages, the book is organized into six chapters that delve into different aspects of school curriculum and administration. From discussing the role of curriculum in education to exploring various administrative practices, Ediger covers a lot of ground within this modest volume.

One thing that really stood out for me was the author’s practical approach. Each chapter features clear examples that help readers understand how theoretical concepts are applied in real-life scenarios. This makes the book a valuable resource not only for educators but also for students who are studying education management.

Furthermore, I appreciated the author’s attention to detail when it came to differentiating between different types of school curriculums such as subject-centered or student-centered curriculums which helped me to clearly understand each concept.

However, my one critique would be that while Ediger does well with fleshing out theoretical musings into practical examples, some sections tend to drag on and become repetitive. Nonetheless, this minor issue doesn’t take away from the overall value of School Curriculum And Administration.

Overall, I would recommend School Curriculum And Administration without hesitation as it offers a wealth of information about educational practices and management techniques. It has left me feeling enlightened about managing school systems and has inspired me with new ideas on how best curriculum should be developed.

School Curriculum And Administration

publishedDate : 2003

authors : M. Ediger

publishers : Discovery Publishing House

pageCount : 166

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