Sex Offender Treatment

Sex Offender Treatment

Book Review: Sex Offender Treatment

As I read through Edmond J. Coleman’s book Sex Offender Treatment, I was hit with a range of emotions – discomfort, curiosity, and even empathy. The book is a comprehensive guide for professionals in the field of sexual offender treatment, but it is also a difficult read due to the subject matter.

Coleman’s writing is clear and informative, providing a thorough overview of the various approaches to treating sexual offenders. He covers everything from psychotherapy to group therapy and even pharmacological treatments. The book also delves into ethical considerations and legal issues that arise in treating this population.

One thing that stood out to me was Coleman’s emphasis on treating the whole person rather than just their offending behavior. This approach acknowledges that sexual offenders are not defined solely by their crime and that they may have other underlying issues such as trauma or mental illness.

While I appreciated the depth of information provided in Sex Offender Treatment, I did find myself struggling with some of the more graphic descriptions of sexual offenses. It is understandable why this level of detail would be necessary for professionals in this field, but for lay readers like myself it can be overwhelming at times.

Overall, Sex Offender Treatment is an important resource for anyone working with sexual offenders or interested in learning more about this challenging topic. It offers valuable insights into the complexities of treating this population and reminds us that there are no easy solutions when it comes to addressing such sensitive issues.

Sex Offender Treatment

publishedDate : 2003-02

authors : Edmond J. Coleman

publishers : Haworth Press

pageCount : 125

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