Soldier Talk

Soldier Talk

Book Review: Soldier Talk

Soldier Talk, written by Paul Vincent Budra and Michael Zeitlin, is a compelling account of the language used in wartime America during the 20th century. The book delves into the different ways in which soldiers communicated with each other on the battlefield, as well as how they used language to deal with difficult situations and cope with their experiences.

Budra and Zeitlin’s extensive research is evident throughout the book, which is meticulously researched and documented. They have clearly drawn from a wide range of sources, including letters, diaries, interviews, and memoirs from soldiers themselves. This rich source material adds depth and authenticity to the book’s exploration of soldier language.

One of the most striking aspects of Soldier Talk is its examination of how soldiers used humor as a coping mechanism. Particularly noteworthy are the authors’ analyses of jokes told by soldiers during World War II and Vietnam. These jokes often served as an outlet for soldiers to express their frustrations or fears in a lighthearted way that helped them maintain their sanity amidst harrowing circumstances.

The authors’ writing style is engaging and accessible; they do an excellent job balancing academic rigor with an approachable tone that will appeal to general readers. The chapters are well-structured and organized thematically so that readers can easily follow along with the different topics being discussed.

If there’s one criticism I have about Soldier Talk, it’s that at times it can feel a bit repetitive. Some sections cover similar ground or use similar examples to make their points; this may turn off readers who prefer more concise writing.

Overall though, Soldier Talk is an insightful analysis of how language shapes our understanding of war and conflict. It’s an important contribution not just to linguistics but also to military history more broadly. The book has left me with a renewed appreciation for the power of language to shape our experiences – both in times of war and peace. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in language, history, or military studies.

Soldier Talk

publishedDate : 2004

authors : Paul Vincent Budra, Michael Zeitlin

publishers : Indiana University Press

pageCount : 225

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