The Handy Psychology Answer Book

The Handy Psychology Answer Book

Book Review: The Handy Psychology Answer Book

Are you in search of a comprehensive guidebook that can answer some of the most common, yet intriguing questions about psychology? Well, look no further than “The Handy Psychology Answer Book” by Lisa J Cohen.

As the title suggests, this massive 480-page book is a treasure trove of information on anything and everything related to psychology. Whether you’re a student of psychology or someone who is simply interested in understanding the human psyche, this book will not disappoint.

One of the standout features of this book is its organization. It’s divided into chapters that cover diverse topics like emotions, memory, sleep and dreams, personality disorders, and many more. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the topic and then delves into various questions that readers might have about it. For example, in the chapter on sleep and dreams, readers can find answers to questions such as “Why do we dream?”, “Can we control our dreams?”, or “How much sleep do we really need?”

Lisa J Cohen’s writing style is engaging and accessible to readers from all backgrounds. She avoids using overly technical jargon or complicated language, which makes it easy for even non-experts to understand complex ideas. Moreover, there are plenty of examples and anecdotes sprinkled throughout the book that help illustrate concepts or theories.

Perhaps one downside to this book is that some readers might find certain sections too simplistic or lacking in depth. However, given its intention as a general overview rather than an academic treatise on psychology theory/philosophy it seems rather sensible towards meeting its goal.

Overall though, “The Handy Psychology Answer Book” is an excellent resource for anyone seeking answers to some common (and uncommon) psychological questions. With its clear writing style and well-organized structure—with specific answers taking up no more than two pages each—it’s definitely worth having on your shelf whether you’re studying or have casual curiosity about mental health matters.

The Handy Psychology Answer Book

publishedDate : 2011-01-01

authors : Lisa J Cohen

publishers : Visible Ink Press

pageCount : 480

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The Handy Psychology Answer Book (The Handy Answer Book Series)

The Handy Psychology Answer Book ( The Handy Answer Book Series) $39.90 Only 10 left in stock – order soon. Enhance your purchase Featuring more than 800 answers to questions of how the human mind and the science of psychology really work, this fascinating discussion gives readers the real facts of modern psychology in a fun, approachable way.

The Handy Psychology Answer Book (The Handy Answer Book Series)

The Handy Psychology Answer Book helps answer why humans do what we do through accurate scientific data presented in a lively, accessible, and engaging way. It covers the fundamentals and explains the psychology behind how people deal with money, sex, morality, family, children, aging, addiction, work, and other everyday issues.

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