The Paradox Effect

Book Review: The Paradox Effect

As a book critic, I was excited to dive into The Paradox Effect by R. A. Freedman, a gripping science fiction thriller that explores the paradoxes of time travel and the consequences of playing with the fabric of reality.

From the first page, I was immediately drawn in by the well-crafted plot that keeps you on your toes from beginning to end. It centers around a team of scientists who have developed a device that can send people back in time for brief periods, only to return

The Paradox Effect

publishedDate : 2020-09-20

authors : R a Freedman

publishers : Amazon Digital Services LLC – Kdp

pageCount : 406

The Paradox Effect (Vol. 1) by K Gibson | Goodreads

This book touches on triggering subjects such as sexual assault, drug abuse, and violence. While the author has taken great lengths to ensure the subject matter is dealt with in a compassionate and respectful manner, it may be troubling for some readers. … The Paradox Effect is the first installment from indie author, K. Gibson, following the …

Time Paradox Solved – We Are Going To See The Future!?

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