The Psychology of Food Choice

Book Review: The Psychology of Food Choice

The Psychology of Food Choice

The Psychology of Food Choice

publishedDate : 2006

authors : Richard Shepherd, Monique Raats

publishers : CABI

pageCount : 399

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Food Psychology: Understanding Eating Behavior & Habits – Cleveland Clinic

Individual. Economic status. Psychological. Many people use food as a coping mechanism to deal with such feelings as stress, boredom or anxiety, or even to prolong feelings of joy. While this may help in the short term, eating to soothe and ease your feelings often leads to regret and guilt, and can even increase the negative feelings.

The Psychology of Food Choice: Anticipation and Mental Simulation

As one can imagine, the psychology of food choice is not straightforward, and entire volumes could be written on each of the multiple aspects that intervene on the decisions that people make about food . One of the reasons why there are nearly endless intervening factors is precisely that we are almost constantly making decisions about food …

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