Understanding Abnormal Behavior

Understanding Abnormal Behavior

Book Review: Understanding Abnormal Behavior

Understanding Abnormal Behavior by David Sue, Derald Wing Sue, and Stanley Sue is a comprehensive guide to understanding the complexities of psychological disorders. The book’s structure makes it an ideal resource for students pursuing a degree in psychology or anyone interested in learning more about abnormal behavior.

The authors have done an excellent job of blending theoretical concepts with real-world examples that enable readers to connect with the material on a deeper level. By incorporating diverse cultural perspectives and highlighting the interaction between cultural norms and behavioral patterns, the authors provide a nuanced understanding of abnormal behavior.

One of the book’s strong points is its accessibility. Despite covering complex topics like psychological disorders, classification, assessment, and treatment options, it is written in plain English that people without a background in psychology can easily understand. The glossary at the end of each chapter is also particularly helpful for readers who may be unfamiliar with technical terms.

The authors’ writing style is engaging and conversational, making this textbook feel less like a daunting read and more like an insightful conversation with experts in the field. Their use of case studies further strengthens this approach by contextualizing abstract concepts.

While there are many strengths to Understanding Abnormal Behavior, there are also some areas where it falls short. For example, while there is no denying that covering such a vast topic requires tight editing, at times it feels as though some topics are given too little attention while others are covered extensively.

Overall though, Understanding Abnormal Behavior is an excellent textbook that provides clear explanations regarding mental health disorders with cultural perspectives and case examples that will leave readers well-equipped to identify symptoms or signs related to their clients or loved ones’ conditions. This book is recommended for anyone looking for quality insight into mental health conditions while keeping cultural variances into consideration when defining “abnormal” behaviors among individuals with unique environmental backgrounds.

Understanding Abnormal Behavior

publishedDate : 2009

authors : David Sue, Derald Wing Sue, Stanley Sue

publishers : Wadsworth

pageCount : 497

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