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Wilkie Collins

Book Review: Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins by Alexander Grinstein is a fascinating and insightful book about the life and works of one of the most influential authors of the 19th century. As a reader, I was immediately drawn into the world of Wilkie Collins and found myself engrossed in his captivating narratives from start to finish.

One of the most striking aspects of this book is how well it contextualizes Wilkie Collins’s writing within his personal life. Grinstein skillfully weaves together information about Collins’s personal relationships, health struggles, and social-political views with detailed analyses of his novels and short stories. Through this approach, Grinstein sheds light on how Collins’s experiences informed his writing style and themes.

Another strong point is that Grinstein does not merely recount other biographical information. Instead, he engages in thoughtful discussions about how Wilkie Collins’s works fit into larger literary trends while also emphasizing their importance as individual works of art. For instance, Grinstein provides a thorough analysis of The Woman in White which is arguably one of Collins’s most important novels.

Despite its strengths, however, there are some flaws in Wilkie Collins. The book can be at times dry or overly scholarly in tone making it feel inaccessible to readers who may not have an academic background or prior knowledge on literary studies.

In conclusion, Wilkie Collins by Alexander Grinstein is an engaging read for anyone interested in learning more about one of the greatest Victorian writers. While some may find it daunting due to its academic nature, readers who stick with it will be rewarded with an informative look into one of literature’s most profound minds.

Wilkie Collins

publishedDate : 2003

authors : Alexander Grinstein

publishers : International Universities Press

pageCount : 272

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Signature. William Wilkie Collins (8 January 1824 – 23 September 1889) was an English novelist and playwright known especially for The Woman in White (1859), a mystery novel and early “sensation novel”, and for The Moonstone (1868), which established many of the ground rules of the modern detective novel and is also perhaps the earliest clear …

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Wilkie Collins , in full William Wilkie Collins , (born Jan. 8, 1824, London, Eng.—died Sept. 23, 1889, London), English sensation novelist, early master of the mystery story, and pioneer of detective fiction. The son of William Collins (1788-1847), the landscape painter, he developed a gift for inventing tales while still a schoolboy at a private boarding school.

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