Applied Psychology for Social Work

Applied Psychology for Social Work

Book Review: Applied Psychology for Social Work

As I delved into Applied Psychology for Social Work by Ewan Ingleby, I was struck by the practicality of the information presented within its pages. This is not merely a book that offers theoretical musings on the human psyche, but rather a comprehensive guide to applying psychological principles to social work practice.

One of the standout features of this book is how it seamlessly blends psychological theory with real-world scenarios. The case studies presented throughout the chapters offer readers a chance to see how psychological concepts can be applied in practical ways to help individuals and communities. Additionally, the writing style is clear and concise, making it easy for readers to understand complex concepts without feeling overwhelmed.

In terms of critique, I did find that some chapters felt a bit rushed, and could benefit from further exploration. However, overall this book provides an excellent overview of how social workers can use psychology to better understand and assist their clients.

What really resonated with me while reading Applied Psychology for Social Work was its emphasis on empowering individuals through understanding their own thought processes and behaviors. Too often in social work practice we focus solely on addressing negative behaviors or symptoms without helping clients understand why they may be occurring in the first place. The approach presented here is refreshing in its focus on helping individuals build agency and control over their own lives.

Overall, I would highly recommend Applied Psychology for Social Work to anyone working in or studying the field of social work. It serves as an excellent resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of how psychology can be applied practically in this important field. My score for this book would be 8/10 – highly informative with some room for improvement in certain areas.

Applied Psychology for Social Work

publishedDate : 2006

authors : Ewan Ingleby

publishers : Learning Matters

pageCount : 129

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