Burner by Mark Greaney

Book Review: Burner

As a book critic, I had the pleasure of reading Burner, the latest novel by Mark Greaney. From start to finish, this thriller had me on the edge of my seat.

The plot is fast-paced and exciting, following protagonist Court Gentry as he navigates a dangerous world of espionage and assassination. Greaney’s writing is vivid and gritty, immersing readers in the tense and often deadly situations Gentry finds himself in.

What really stood out to me about Burner was how it made me feel. The stakes are incredibly high throughout the novel, and I found myself feeling genuinely anxious for Gentry’s safety. The emotional impact of the story stayed with me long after I finished reading.

As with any book, there were some criticisms. At times, the plot felt a bit convoluted and hard to follow. Additionally, some of the supporting characters felt flat and underdeveloped.

Despite these flaws, Burner still stands as an impressive work of fiction. Fans of other thrillers like Jack Reacher or Jason Bourne will love this book.

Overall, I would give Burner a score of 8 out of 10. It’s a gripping read that is sure to leave readers on the edge of their seat.

Burner by Mark Greaney
Burner by Mark Greaney


publishedDate : 2023-02-21

authors : Mark Greaney

publishers : Penguin Publishing Group

pageCount : 528

Burner (Gray Man): Greaney, Mark: 9780593548103: Amazon.com: Books

Burner is book 12 in the Gray Man series from Mark Greaney.”Alex Veleskey has stolen records from his employer, a notorious Swiss bank, hoping to expose a massive corruption. He didn’t count on so many people wanted to keep the records hidden.

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