Book Review: Homecoming

As I delved into Kate Morton’s latest novel, Homecoming, I was immediately transported to a world of mystery, glamour and heart-wrenching emotions. The author expertly weaves together multiple timelines and perspectives with precise attention to detail, keeping me engaged and hooked until the very end.

The story follows the return of actress Hilly Knight to her childhood home of Riverton Manor in England after a twenty year absence. As she navigates through various family secrets and tragedies, we are taken on a journey through different generations and time periods, each with their own unique characters and struggles.

One thing that really stood out for me was Morton’s ability to bring her characters to life. Each one felt incredibly real and layered – even the supporting characters had depth and their own unique motivations which added richness to the story as a whole. It wasn’t just about Hilly’s personal journey through her past, but also about how each individual was shaped by their own experiences.

Another element that I appreciated was Morton’s vivid descriptions of settings – whether it be the grandeur of Riverton Manor or the bustling streets of London during World War II. It all felt authentic and immersive, adding another dimension to an already gripping story.

However, while there were many things I loved about this book – such as Morton’s prose which is both elegant yet accessible – there were also moments where the plot felt slightly predictable or contrived. At times I found myself guessing what was going to happen next instead of being truly surprised by twists in the story.

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But overall I highly recommend Homecoming by Kate Morton for those who enjoy historical fiction with complex characters and intricate plot lines. It left me feeling emotionally invested in each character’s journey long after closing its pages, which is always a sign of a great book.


publishedDate : 2023-04-04

authors : Kate Morton

publishers : Simon and Schuster

pageCount : 560

Homecoming: A Novel: Morton, Kate: 9780063020894: Amazon.com: Books

Homecoming is a beautifully written book , perfect for a summer weekend when the reader has plenty of time to get lost in a slow-unraveling of one family’s secrets. Jess, a journalist living in London, gets word in 2018 that her beloved grandmother, Nora, has taken a terrible fall after an ill-advised trip up to her attic. …

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