Current Psychotherapies

Current Psychotherapies

Book Review: Current Psychotherapies

Current Psychotherapies

publishedDate : 2007-02-27

authors : Raymond Corsini, Danny Wedding

publishers : Cengage Learning

pageCount : 544

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Current psychotherapies, 7th ed., instr. ed. – APA PsycNET

Current psychotherapies (7th ed., instr. ed.). Thomson Brooks/Cole Publishing Co. Abstract. In this seventh edition of Current Psychotherapies , staying true to our original vision for the text, we offer students a current , comprehensive guide to the art of psychotherapy, written by each theory’s founders and leading experts. Each carefully …

Current Psychotherapies (with InfoTrac) 7th Edition –

” CURRENT PSYCHOTHERAPIES , Seventh Edition makes an outstanding contribution to understanding major approaches to psychotherapy. It is the only textbook containing chapters written either on their own or with a collaborator by many of the approaches’ originators: namely, Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis, Carl Rogers, Arnold Lazarus, Rollo May and Irvin …

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