Health Psychology in Practice

Book Review: Health Psychology in Practice

As I delved into Health Psychology in Practice by Susan Michie and Charles Abraham, I was impressed with the wealth of knowledge the authors brought to this book. With their extensive background in psychology and experience as health experts, they provide a comprehensive guide for understanding how psychological factors relate to health and wellbeing.

The book is divided into four sections, each tackling a different aspect of health psychology: foundations, prevention and intervention, stress and coping, and chronic illness. One of the things I appreciated about the book was the way it combines theoretical concepts with practical advice for practitioners working in healthcare settings.

In addition to providing insights into how individuals can improve their own health through psychological interventions, Health Psychology in Practice also highlights important societal issues related to health disparities. The authors delve into topics like racism, social inequality, and stigma, helping readers understand how these factors impact people’s access to healthcare services.

One critique I had about this book was that at times it felt overly academic. As someone without a formal background in psychology or healthcare, some sections felt dense and challenging to understand. However, overall the authors do an excellent job of breaking down complex concepts into manageable pieces.

For those interested in pursuing a career in psychology or working in healthcare settings that involve patient care, Health Psychology in Practice is an essential resource. It covers everything from prevention strategies to chronic illness management to societal issues that impact healthcare outcomes. Overall, this book is both informative and thought-provoking – it has truly expanded my understanding of how mental health intersects with physical wellbeing.

Health Psychology in Practice

Health Psychology in Practice

publishedDate : 2008-04-15

authors : Susan Michie, Charles Abraham

publishers : John Wiley & Sons

pageCount : 436

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