Rein In Your Brain

Rein In Your Brain

Book Review: Rein In Your Brain

Rein In Your Brain is an incredible book that truly resonated with me. The authors, Marlene Snyder, Jane Riese, Susan P. Limber, Dan Olweus, Vicki Crocker Flerx, and Nancy Mullin have done an amazing job of bringing together different aspects of mental health and psychology to create a unique and compelling book.

The plot of Rein In Your Brain is centered around understanding the workings of the human brain and how we can use this knowledge to improve our mental health. The authors delve into different topics such as self-esteem, resilience, anxiety and stress management, bullying prevention just to mention a few. They provide practical tips and exercises that are easy to understand but also backed up by science.

As a reader who has dealt with anxiety in the past I found this book particularly relatable because it was able to explore these topics in depth while still keeping it engaging for readers who may not have academic background. What really resonated with me was how the authors tackled the importance of personal relationships in our lives as well as social support structures. This was something that I personally related to on a deep level since having supportive friends and family has been crucial in my own journey towards better mental health.

While reading Rein In Your Brain I appreciated how easy it was for me to understand complex scientific concepts without feeling overwhelmed with jargon or terminology. However, at times I felt like some sections were overly explained making the book drag on which could make it feel tedious at times. Additionally there were a few instances where information seemed repetitive or redundant but overall these were minor issues.

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Overall Rein In Your Brain is an amazing read that provides valuable insights into our brains while still being relatable and engaging for readers from all walks of life. If you are looking for practical tips on improving your mental health then look no further than Rein In Your Brain!

Rein In Your Brain

Rein In Your Brain

publishedDate : 2013-08-21

authors : Marlene Snyder, Jane Riese, Susan P. Limber, Dan Olweus, Vicki Crocker Flerx, Nancy Mullin

publishers : Hazelden

pageCount : 289

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