Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies

Book Review: Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies

Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies: A Comprehensive Guide to Conducting Research in Psychology

If you are a psychology student, researcher, or simply interested in conducting research in the field of psychology, then Martin Dempster and Donncha Hanna’s Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies is the book for you. This comprehensive guide to conducting research in psychology provides an easy-to-understand approach to one of the most important areas of psychology.

The book covers a plethora of topics related to research methods such as different types of studies, data analysis techniques, ethical considerations, and much more. The authors provide clear and concise explanations that make it easy for readers to understand even the most complex concepts. The book also includes helpful tips and tricks that will assist readers in designing and executing a successful research project.

One aspect of this book that stands out is its practicality. The authors use real-life examples throughout the book which makes it easier for readers to relate to the information presented. Additionally, there are numerous exercises accompanied by sample data sets which provide readers with hands-on experience conducting statistical analyses.

Despite being written for “Dummies,” this book does not compromise on academic rigor. It strikes a balance between being an accessible resource without oversimplifying complex concepts. This makes it suitable for both novice researchers as well as experienced ones who need a refresher.

Overall, Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies is an extremely useful guidebook that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in conducting psychological research. It has been written with utmost care by two experts who have vast experience conducting research themselves. The book provides a wealth of invaluable information that will undoubtedly enable any reader who goes through it with an understanding of how psychological research works.

I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars because although it is comprehensive and well-written, I found some sections quite dense and difficult to follow at times. Nevertheless, despite its minor flaws, Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies is an excellent resource that I would recommend to anyone who is invested in a career in psychology.

Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies

Research Methods in Psychology For Dummies

publishedDate : 2015-12-21

authors : Martin Dempster, Donncha Hanna

publishers : John Wiley & Sons

pageCount : 352

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