The Honey-Don’t List

Book Review: The Honey-Don’t List

The Honey-Don’t List is a novel written by bestselling author Christina Lauren. It follows the story of two assistants who are tasked with keeping the public image of their famous bosses in check while they are on a book tour. What starts out as a simple job turns into a chaotic mess as tensions rise and secrets are revealed.

Key Features:

  • A light and entertaining read with a touch of romance and humor.
  • A unique perspective on the behind-the-scenes chaos of celebrity life.
  • Engaging characters that are relatable and well-developed.


  • The writing style is easy to read and flows well, making it a perfect choice for a relaxing weekend read.
  • The book explores important themes such as the challenges of maintaining a public image and the importance of communication in relationships.
  • The characters are likable and relatable, making it easy to become invested in their story.


  • The plot can be predictable at times, which may not appeal to readers who are looking for a more complex story.
  • Some readers may find the romance to be too cliché or unrealistic.

Conclusion: Overall, The Honey-Don’t List is an enjoyable and entertaining read that is perfect for those who enjoy light romance novels. While the plot may not be particularly groundbreaking, the well-developed characters and engaging writing style make it a book that is easy to get lost in.

The Honey-Don’t List

publishedDate : 2020-03-24

authors : Christina Lauren

publishers : Simon and Schuster

pageCount : 320

The Honey-Don’t List by Christina Lauren | Goodreads

The Honey Don’t List is a romance about two personal assistants who find love while trying to keep their bosses’ marriage from imploding. Carey has been working for Melissa (Melly) and Rusty Tripp since she was 16. Now Carey is 26 years old and works as Tripp’s assistant. Carey has watched the Tripp’s rise to fame for their home improvement …

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