The Psychology of Conflict and Combat

The Psychology of Conflict and Combat

Book Review: The Psychology of Conflict and Combat

The Psychology of Conflict and Combat by Ben Shalit is a fascinating exploration of the human psyche in high-pressure situations. As someone who has always been interested in psychology and the way our minds respond to stress and conflict, this book was right up my alley.

Shalit does an excellent job of breaking down the different types of conflicts and combat, from interpersonal conflicts to full-scale wars. He delves into the psychological factors behind each, including fear, anxiety, aggression, and trauma. By examining real-life examples throughout history and drawing on contemporary research in psychology and neuroscience, Shalit provides a comprehensive understanding of the forces that shape our responses to conflict.

One thing that really resonated with me about this book was its focus on empathy and compassion. Shalit emphasizes how important it is for us to understand not only our own psychological reactions to conflict but also those of others. He argues that by developing empathy for our opponents, we can build bridges rather than walls, leading to more peaceful resolutions.

That being said, there were a few aspects of the book that I found lacking. While Shalit does provide some practical suggestions for managing conflict, I would have liked to see more concrete strategies for applying his insights in real-world situations. Additionally, at times the writing felt a bit dry and academic, which made it difficult to stay fully engaged.

Overall though, The Psychology of Conflict and Combat is an insightful read that offers valuable takeaways for anyone interested in psychology or navigating high-pressure situations. I would give it a solid 8 out of 10.

The Psychology of Conflict and Combat

publishedDate : 1988

authors : Ben Shalit

publishers : Greenwood Publishing Group

pageCount : 205

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The psychology of conflict and combat. – APA PsycNet

Shalit, B. (1988). The psychology of conflict and combat . Praeger Publishers. Abstract. This book is about the psychological factors that enable and lead men to engage in combat . This book will focus on combat between men—the deliberate aggressive behavior of man to man.

The Psychology of Conflict and Combat: –

Shalit’s work is written specifically for psychology and military professionals. His detailed categorization and impulse to construct word formulas can be tough to wade through. It is also quite old, published in 1988. From the title, I was hoping for a more comprehensive look at psychological issues within and surrounding conflict and combat .

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