Women in Psychology

Women in Psychology

Book Review: Women in Psychology

As I cracked open the pages of Women in Psychology, I was expecting to delve into a comprehensive survey of the contributions made by women to this field. What I ended up discovering was a fascinating tapestry of experiences and perspectives from some truly exceptional women.

The book, authored by Agnes N. O’Connell and Nancy Felipe Russo and published by Greenwood Publishing Group, is a weighty tome – clocking in at 441 pages – but it’s worth every moment spent poring over its contents. The authors take us on a journey through the lives and careers of numerous psychologists who have helped shape our understanding of the human mind.

The chapters are organized thematically, which gives readers an opportunity to explore topics like socialization, development, mental health, education, and research methods in depth. While some may criticize the book for feeling dense or academic at times, I found that each chapter offered a new perspective on how women have influenced psychology as a discipline.

One thing that really struck me about Women in Psychology was how personal and reflective it felt. The authors have clearly gone to great lengths to interview many of the psychologists featured in the book, giving us a sense of their individual journeys through academia and research. This makes for some incredibly inspiring reading – as someone who has always been interested in psychology myself, it was thrilling to see how these women had broken barriers and overcome obstacles to make their mark on this field.

That being said, there were moments when I found myself wishing for more context or background information about certain psychologists or concepts discussed in the book. It’s clear that O’Connell and Russo wrote this book with an intended audience of academics or students deep into their studies – those with less familiarity with psychological theories or key figures may find some sections harder to follow.

Overall though, Women in Psychology is an essential read for anyone interested in learning more about how women have shaped this fascinating field over time. It’s well-researched, expertly written, and will leave readers with a newfound appreciation for the many contributions made by women to psychology. I would strongly recommend it to anyone seeking to broaden their knowledge of this subject matter.

Women in Psychology

publishedDate : 1990

authors : Agnes N. O’Connell, Nancy Felipe Russo

publishers : Greenwood Publishing Group

pageCount : 441

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